Servicing and Repairs

nick working rusty cycle shed stitz

Running Service

If your bike is in running order, with maybe minor niggles and clean; this is for you. Safety checks, adjust gears, brakes, lube externals, tyre pressures, replace parts. If your bike is minging or has been stood outside or in the sea for 20 years this is not for you – from £25 plus parts.


Full Service

As above, + thorough clean, true wheels, adjust/lube wheel bearings, headset, bottom bracket, derailleurs, jockey wheels etc. lube cables.

From £50 plus parts.

Internet Bike Build

If you want to buy a bike online: Great! It’s the most economical way to buy. However bikes will come partially assembled and not very well setup. We can take care of that for you and fit any accessories you may need – from £40 plus parts.

Custom Build

Some customers want a bike unique to them. We can help with that from selecting and sourcing components to ground up build and test.

From £100 plus parts

Specialist Component Service

We carry out specialist services: Wheel building/truing, hydraulic fork service, hydraulic disk brake service, frame repairs (steel, alloy or composite), electronic shifting etc.

If we are unable or don’t have the necessary tools for your components we can outsource on your behalf.